Pinterest // my current obsession.

Pinterest is one of those hobbies that I fall in and out of love with, depending on how busy I am, and if I am in need of any inspiration, from fashion to food. As the weather during this supposed English ‘summer’ has been awful, leading me to spend many a day in August to wear a jumper, I have found myself longing for Autumn and Winter. This is where Pinterest comes into play. With my ‘Autumn’ board, consisting of 71 pins as I am writing this, and my ‘Christmas’ board consisting of 147, it is quite clear that I am excited for the colder months.

A screenshot of all my Pinterest boards, if you fancy a browse.
I can spend hours searching on Pinterest, with my recent browsing history consisting of: “bath and body works christmas”, “autumn coffee” and “winter blankets”, again highlighting my yearn for Autumn/Winter. The app is also great for inspiration with my interior design love, as I come across a new recipe to try everyday, a new arrangement of interesting lighting, or an assortment of decorative kitchenware, making me more and more excited to decorate my first house. So I’d really recommend Pinterest to any of you, with their selection of pictures ranging from fancy dress to pet houses, I’m sure you’ll find some sort of inspiration on there!

My Pinterest:

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