Ootd: August 21st

Monday’s outfit of the day: trying to incorporate the last of this British summer with the first touches of Autumn fashion.

Full outfit

Excuse the floppy arms (I was trying to demonstrate the cool floaty sleeves on this floral number), but this blouse has been a staple throughout summer for me. A Zara find, as soon as I saw it online I knew I’d get SO much use out of it this summer. I wasn’t really into the ‘lace up top’ trend, nor am I now, with the sole exception of this blouse, I just think it works really well on this piece. I am in LOVE with the sleeves (they’re probably my favourite part) and the pattern itself was nice and fresh for spring/summer. Then we are onto my new holy grail skirt. If you’re a girl with a waist much smaller than your hips, this skirt is a savior, unlike some with buttons all the way down, as if this skirt stretches it doesn’t look bad, the flap just goes more diagonal which makes it way comfier than a tighter denim skirt. So far I’ve found this skirt to be truly comfy, and to go with pretty much any top. I will definitely be wearing it all throughout Winter.

Close up of the lace-up aspect of the blouse

These boots, oh my. Another amazing Asos find, I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them on the model, and knew I had to get them, being the Autumn/Winter boot fanatic I am. Despite getting a couple of marks on them the first time I wore them due to the clouds chucking it down as soon as I stepped out of the door (rain and suede do not mix well), I’ve really liked pairing these boots with skirts and tights, and look forward to wearing them more throughout the upcoming season.

The suede boots with a twist

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