Drugstore beauty picks // The best bargains. 

With the abundance of different beauty products circulating around the world, it’s important to know where to spend, and where to save. When there are such good drugstore options for certain products it can save you a lot of money! 

Here’s the lowdown: 

  • Collection Lasting perfection concealer- EVERYONE in beauty has raved about this, as it really is worth it, having been a lover of it for the past couple of years. It covers everything, yet I mainly use it for my under eye circles. It is definitely a holy grail product, and for just £4.19, I have two back-ups in my drawer. 
  • Maybelline Matte maker powder- this, especially when in junction with THAT concealer, really manages to airbrush your skin. I get the shade translucent, and I use it on a daily basis, getting such good results. This is only £3.99, and can be found in most drugstores. 
  • Barry M lip liner, 17- this is such a universal lip colour, being the perfect nude, for just £2.99
  • NYX Matte lip cream, Cannes- these are just £6, and come in a range of colours, from nudes to bright reds, with many of them being flattering. This liquid lip is not drying like some, having more of a moussey texture, and stays put for a LONG time. 
  • Makeup Revolution Highlighter- this is such an affordable brand in general, and this highlight really makes the cut. It can be used as both a natural and blinding highlight, without looking glittery, and is such a pretty colour (Radiant Lights) and is only £3. 
  • Maybelline Lash sensational Mascara- this is my favourite mascara! Your lashes get completely transformed and look the best they can be. It’s extremely long lasting, easy to take off, all for £8.99

I hope you enjoyed my best picks of drugstore beauty, and that some of these items may come in handy for you! 

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