Biker jacket loving

I am definitely one of those people who can 'never have too many jackets'. I just find SO many jackets/coats that I LOVE both online and when I'm out shopping, especially at this time of year. Biker jackets are definitely one of my favourite styles of jackets, with so many different variations currently circulating around the shopping... Continue Reading →

Making the last of the Summer glow 

Summer makeup for me is mainly focused on two things: bronze and glow. The Summer months are the perfect opportunity to experiment with more bronzers and highlighters to maximise your natural tone, so I thought I'd show you some of my favourite products that can help you cheat that summer glow whilst we head into... Continue Reading →

Skincare duo // Pixi Beauty

I am definitely a skin care addict. Anything that says 'glow' 'hydrate' or 'brighten' on the packaging screams out to me, therefore I knew I had to get these two products from Pixi Beauty. I'd heard of the brand before, after trying their double cleanse which they created as a collaboration with Caroline Hirons, and... Continue Reading →

The Body Shop Banana hair mask

I'm naturally a brunette, however last Christmas I decided to change my hair up a bit, gradually adding more and more blonde up to this Summer. Although loving the shade, both the touch ups every two months or so, and using straighteners a lot had really damaged the quality of my hair, creating split ends... Continue Reading →

Current fave lipsticks: Autumn 17

Autumn/Winter for me is ALL about the berry red lips. I have so many different shades of berry it's sometimes hard to choose which one I want to wear some days! However, I've whittled it down to four favourites for the upcoming months. In order: Colourpop Lippie Stix: Grunge- This is a more brown toned... Continue Reading →

August favourites:

As we are at the end of August (which somehow flew by so fast), I thought I'd talk you through some of my favourites of the month, both beauty and otherwise. Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink- I go in and out of phases with lipsticks, sometimes I wear the same colour for a whole month... Continue Reading →

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