August favourites:

As we are at the end of August (which somehow flew by so fast), I thought I’d talk you through some of my favourites of the month, both beauty and otherwise.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink- I go in and out of phases with lipsticks, sometimes I wear the same colour for a whole month straight, or I switch it up every week. Yet, this is one I always come back to. This is a perfect nude. Perfect. For five dollars?! It has just the right amount of pink and brown for me, verging ever so slightly more onto the pink side of a nude. And the formula? Super creamy, super long lasting. Paying for the customs to get it to the UK is worth it for such an affordable and great brand.

Too Faced hangover spray- WOW. I bought the Too Faced Hangover Primer last month, after suffering through a period of partially dry skin, desperately trying anything with “hydrating” in the description in order to fix it. After seeing this spray version, which primes, refreshes and sets the makeup,on Instagram, I immediately knew that I needed it. However, after searching Debenhams and Selfridges website’s, I discovered that it wasn’t for sale in the UK yet, which I was not happy about it. Luckily, a month later I discovered it for sale in Debenhams, so I snatched it up. And I am sooo glad I did. Let’s just start with the smell. Refreshing, coconut and vanilla goodness. In a bottle. I mainly use this to prep my skin before applying makeup, as it makes my skin feel great, but also use it to set my makeup when my usual setting spray isn’t near.

Oh K sleep mask- another bargain. I found this for sale on Asos, again during my dry skin phase around a month ago. This little packet was amazing for helping my skin, I love that it has a cap so I don’t waste product and it lasts more than one use! I didn’t put it all over my face, just the sections that were in need, so again it is lasting really well! My skin felt so supple and soft in the morning, so I definitely reccomend this for people with dry skin.

Primark mini facial spray- this is only 90p and a lifesaver. It has multiple uses: refreshing your face, spritzing your beauty blender half way through your makeup, and adding it to your brush to intensify metallic eye shadow. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

Invisible hair bobbles- these were £3 off Asos, and a real lifesaver. As I have to keep my hair up for work, I keep switching up my style to make it both practical and flattering. These mini bands are great for smaller sections of hair!

Laura Ashley room spray- this is the scent ‘floral bloom’ which is very misleading name, as I wouldn’t have picked it by its name at first, but once sprayed it has this lovely fresh, citrus scent, which I love. It’s £10 but they currently have 40% off in store!

BBQ sauce- Now yes, this is a weird one. I never used to really like BBQ sauce, my go  to used to be Mayo. However this month I have been OBSESSED with BBQ sauce, dipping everything in it whilst at work and at home. Although an unconventional favourite, I felt I couldn’t write this post without including a section dedicated to my sacred bottle of dipping sauce.

So there you go, my favourite things I’ve been using throughout August.


Coloupop lipstick

Too Faced Hangover spray

Sleep mask

Invisible hair ties

Laura Ashley room spray

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  1. Haha I love that you included BBQ sauce! I’ve always been tempted by Colourpop, but isn’t their shipping quite a lot to the UK as well as the custom charges? Just worried it would all add up very quickly if I purchased from them.

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    1. Aha I couldn’t leave it out! It’s free international shipping over $50 (just under £40) so I always wait and save to get all the things I want in a bigger order, which takes about a week to arrive, and then the customs I’ve had for those sized orders have been around £17. It does add up but, for the amount that you can get from them for that price I still find it really reasonable!

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