First couple’s holiday // Lake District

September is one of my favourite months. Not too cold, yet jumpers, scarves and boots start to appear, signifying that my favourite season is here also: Autumn. We chose to go on our break in September due to that reason, and also because it falls within the first week back at school for many families, therefore we assumed it wouldn’t be as busy as it would have been during the Summer holidays. For our first day, we headed to Harrogate to split the journey in half, for both some shopping and some food. We then headed to our hotel which was situated in Kendal, for a night in to prepare for the next day in the Lakes.

On our second day, we visited Wray Castle, a National Trust property. It’s very child-friendly, with different rooms holding different play activities for children, so would be perfect for younger families! The views are also insane, with the grounds leading out to an edge of Lake Windermere, so I’d definitely say this property is well worth a visit if you’re in the Lakes!

View from Wray Castle

After Wray Castle, we headed to Hawkshead, walked around the village and visited some of the local shops. Then we took to car ferry over Lake Windermere, ready to explore the tourist town, where we spent the remainder of our afternoon, enjoying the shops and the views of the lake.

Lake Windermere
Lake Windermere


On our last day we decided to do some shopping in Kendal, and came across the cutest little bakery down a back road, called The Bakery at No.4. After having lunch here, we then headed to Sizergh Castle, another National Trust property. The grounds were incredible, with a beautiful lake and an unusual ‘stump gardern’. Here’s a few photos of the castle and grounds, and the cute sleepy resident cat who I could have quite easily brought home.

Sizergh Castle

Sizergh Castle’s resident feline friend

On the way home, we then stopped off at Sizergh Barn, a farm selling local produce and providing trails for children. They also have cows on site, which at certain times you can watch them being milked.

Cows ready for milking at Sizergh Barn

This was our last stop before we started our four hour journey home. Although a long and tiring journey, I’d thoroughly recommend the Lake District to anyone, as it was perfect for us to enjoy our relaxing break.

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