The Body Shop Banana hair mask

I’m naturally a brunette, however last Christmas I decided to change my hair up a bit, gradually adding more and more blonde up to this Summer. Although loving the shade, both the touch ups every two months or so, and using straighteners a lot had really damaged the quality of my hair, creating split ends and making my hair more frizzy. 

As The Body Shop is one of my all time favourite brands for all things skincare, body and beauty, when I discovered their banana hair care range last week I knew that I had to try it! This mask is only Β£12 for a large tub, and although I’m not a massive fan of bananas, the smell is divine, and stays with your hair all day! I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, but the quality of my hair has really improved after just the first use! I left it on for ten minutes after shampooing, and once dried, my hair felt so silky and smooth, so I’d definitely recommend this tub to anyone who’s hair needs a bit of a revival! 

The Body Shop nearly always has good deals on, with the website currently offering 40% off many items! Pick this hair mask up here.

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