Violet Voss Holy Grail palette: review

Recently I decided to get the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette, so I thought I’d give a review of the palette today. I spent ages looking at different palettes searching for a new ‘everyday’ palette, holding all the shades that I could use to create loads of different looks, and I came across this one. This wasn’t ever a palette I had considered, but looking at the colours more closely, I knew that I would use every colour in here, more so than other palettes I’d looked at. 

After receiving the palette from Beauty Bay, I eagerly searched a few of the bright colours and they have amazing pigmentation, with great colour pay off. I’ve been wearing it religiously for the past two weeks, experimenting with the different colours, and I can confirm that I love it. A nice mixture of mattes and shimmers, neutral and brights, I would definitely recommend this palette to others. They blend really well together, and I know it is a palette that will last for ages, with the size and amount of eyeshadows included. In my opinion it is also fairly priced in comparison to other high end palettes, including more shadows for around the same price. In the U.K, this palette is available to buy from Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay. 

A great ‘everyday’ palette, including many ‘autumn’ themed shades, this is definitely a good one if you’re after a new palette! 

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