Starting 2018 right.

As I’m writing this blog post, reflecting on this last year, I am surrounded by different loving relationships and life opportunities, and I am ending this year the happiest that I have ever been, so I thought I’d share the journey I had to achieve this with you and a few tips for complete happiness. I’m so excited for what 2018 has to offer, and I am looking forward to continue my journey since leaving school last summer, from planning different places to visit in the summer, to saving for my first flat.

A true smile

Since around 2010, I had my heart set on going to University, to become a primary school teacher. Whenever anybody asked me what my future goals were, I would immediately reply with “to teach”, with my heart set on the Sheffield Hallam primary teaching course since year 10. I worked hard to achieve good GCSEs to get into sixth form, to further my plans to get involved with teaching. I continued the hard work in Lower Sixth, got good AS Levels, still with the mindset to pursue a teaching career.

However, upon entering Upper Sixth, my views changed. Going from being SO sure about my future, to being at a complete loss about what I wanted to do was hard. At first I tried to ignore it, thinking that I would soon find my feet again, but I didn’t. Once I had finally decided for sure that I was not going to apply to university that year, some people were supportive with my decision, wanting me to do what would make me happy. However, my decision provided me with quite some back lash from my teachers in particular, with their warnings and pleas to change my mind ironically making me more set in my decision. After getting told many times by the head of sixth form and other teachers that I was making a mistake and wasting my potential (as well as criticising my decision to not learn to drive as OF COURSE that would hinder my future!) it made me quite unhappy with school, with me wanting nothing more than to leave it and never look back, resulting in me neglecting my studies. That was my low point of 2017, affecting several aspects of my life, making me truly unhappy. But, just as I started this post off with, I am writing this the happiest I have ever been- so you see things do get better.

So, after feeling that there was nothing I could do to improve how I felt, I finally decided to stop caring about what those people, the ones who did not support me, thought. I decided to be happy in my own decisions. I decided that I didn’t need irrelevant people bringing me down. I decided to go along with what they were saying, saying yes I’ll probably apply next year, yes I’ll do an apprenticeship in my year out, purely for them to stop haggling me and for me to get on with my life without their constant negativity. So I carried on with the year, worked hard again to achieve good A Levels in case I needed them in what I want to do later in life, and left for the Summer.

It’s now sixth months since I finished school, and I am living the best life that I can at the age I am. I would have never started this blog this time last year, being too afraid of what people would have thought, whereas now I’ve learnt that I don’t need the approval of others, instead choosing to do what I want to do. I have just had the best Christmas period that I can remember, surrounded by loving family, realising that that truly is what Christmas is all about. I do not regret not going to University one bit, (nor do I regret not learning to drive, Mr. Forster, but thanks for your concern) but instead I am living my life how I want to, spending time with the people I want to, and going places that I want to, as well as working, but not being restricted by studies.

Losing the negativity = smiling more

I am not setting myself any ‘goals’ for 2018, but instead just vowing to myself to continue how I have been living for the past six months which mainly revolves around cutting out the negativity in your life, resulting in being the happiest that you can be:

  • Do not live your life by other people’s opinions of you-If they only know you in passing, why should you care about their negative opinions on your life? Social media is a big influencer of this, but do not feel that you cannot share something that you love on a social media platform just because it isn’t the social norm.
  • Remove yourself from those toxic friendships/relationships-Do not allow yourself to be used by other people, only spend time with those who value you as a person on your own, and cut off those that treat you as an object to help them with their own problems. True friends will be there for your problems as well as their own.
  • Do more of what makes you happy-Linking to the first point, you need to do what truly makes you happy, rather than what society leads you to believe makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to pursue something just because others may find it ‘un-cool’.
  • Progress at your own pace-Not everybody works at the same pace. Everybody needs their own time, don’t feel forced to have your life exactly where you want it to be by the age of eighteen, things will fall into place when they are ready to.

I hope you all have a great 2018, and are not afraid to live your life they way you want to live it!

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  1. I could NOT agree more. I graduated high school with my heart set on one program and was devastated when I found out I didn’t get in. 2 years later, with a butt ton of experiences under my belt, I couldn’t be happier. Everything happens for a reason.

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