The Spring fragrance

Spring is one of my favourite seasons: the flowers, colours, Easter, the warmer weather- I just love everything about it. As far as scent is concerned, I’m not usually a big perfume fan (too strong can give me a headache that lasts hours) but lighter, fresh, fruity scents always draw me in. One of my reasons for me buying this particular fragrance is my love of anything peaches, and it certainly stood up to my expectations.

This is Jo Malone’s Nectarine blossom and Honey, a perfume that has quickly become by favourite Spring scent, and one I can see becoming a regular for years to come. With notes of cassis, honey and nectarines, it provides a delicious fruit smell whilst being really fresh and uplifting. As it’s so refreshing it can be worn both day and night easily, and is definitely not too heavy for those cautious about wearing perfumes. Being Jo Malone you can be assured it lasts on the skin for hours, and of course it provides a pretty bottle for your dressing table! Available in two different sizes, you can buy Jo Malone’s Nectarine blossom and Honey here.

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