The US bronzer you didn’t know you needed

Bronzer is one of my top three makeup products; I find it makes such a difference to your face. Before finding this bronzer, I was stuck on a Colourpop one (another US bargain) called Private party, a beautiful shade of bronze with a nice sheen. However, I’d been after this exact bronzer for a while, mainly after hearing Kathleenlights talk about it allll the time, so when I saw it was on Amazon I snapped it up. I’m of course talking about the Physicians Formula butter bronzer.

Although I’m not a massive fan of the packaging, (a little bulky/tacky) as soon as you open it you get hit with the smell of summer- such a sweet, tropical smell, which makes using it all the nicer. The main plus though is of course the formula and colour; a perfect natural bronze meaning you don’t look like an orange. This means that even if you accidentally go overboard on the brush you’re still given a natural sun kissed look. The ‘butter’ bronzer is also very aptly named, as it is so smooth and blends like a dream, all around perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend much time on their makeup (who does in summer) but also look bronzed.

Although more expensive on Amazon than in the US, it is still a much better price than high end bronzer and in my opinion performs better than all high end bronzers I have tried. You can buy itΒ here.

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